About Pink Diamonds

If you have encountered a pink diamond for at least once in your life, then surely you will be enthralled by the charm that it brings. These diamonds provide a sense of luxury and romance – and that’s for a good reason.

Pink diamonds are a scarce variety, and its stunning beauty alone makes it worthy to be added to your spectacular gem collection. These diamonds also belong to the most valuable kind. In fact, The Argyle Diamond Mine has stated that a pink diamond can be worth 20 times more than the value of a white one. It’s no wonder that some of the famous icons from all over the world such as Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, and Queen Elizabeth II are known to wear jewelries that have these on it.

Another thing that makes pink diamonds intriguing and highly desirable is because of the fact that there’s some sort of mystery to it since there’s only a limited gemological information that is known about them. However, there’s no need for that because it’s fascinating appearance alone is enough to make us feel adorned towards these amazing gems.

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Are Pink Diamonds Rare?

All natural fancy colored diamonds are rare since they are mined less frequently compared to the colorless ones. In fact, one study shows that 0.01% of the colored diamond carats are mined every year compared to the colorless stones. Pink diamonds are known to be very feminine, extremely gorgeous, and belongs to the rarest kind in the world of colored stones. This is the reason why there’s a continuing increase in the demand for pink diamond engagement rings over the years. Since the demand is high, but the supply remains low, its value today is a tremendous one. It’s also one of the primary reasons why a lot of individuals have sought pink diamonds out as some sort of an investment.

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How Do Pink Diamonds Form?

The formation process for all diamonds would usually take between millions to billions of years. Because of immense pressure and heat, the Carbon element gathers together to form rough diamond rocks. As for the colored diamonds, it got its color from the compound elements that grows inside of it. In the case of red and pink diamonds, scientists still have no concrete evidence as to what causes its color. A brief assessment of the stones has made them guess that it’s probably the immense pressure that gave it the pink and red color in the stones.

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Where Do Pink Diamonds Come From?

Generally, diamonds are made of the element known as carbon. The forming process is all natural, and they are usually found 100 miles deep into the core of the earth wherein they are heated at an estimated 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit and being pressurized in the most unimaginable ways. They remain in that kind of environment and condition for millions of years until it cools down to their solid form thus giving us the diamonds that we have today. Pink diamonds are formed in the same process as the other ones, but they can only be mined in certain areas of the world.

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Where are Pink Diamonds Being Mined?

The most common location where pink diamonds are being mined is in the Argyle mine that resides in the Kimberley region of Australia. It is also very famous for being the main mine for pink diamonds wherein you can’t know about one without knowing about the other. There are also other sources for pink diamonds which include the Golconda mine in India, as well as Brazil, Russia, South Africa, and Diavik in Canada. The pink diamonds that are found in South Africa and Brazil still have some brownish shade to it.

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Are Pink Diamonds a Great Investment?

If you want to know if something’s a worthy investment, then you should know about an item’s status as a supply and demand. The reason why is that is because if there’s no supply, then it can be difficult to find a source and if there is no demand, then you can’t sell that item other than it belonging to a collection. However, natural pink diamonds can be difficult to source, and the demand for it just continues to rise up every year. This stone has an unbelievable price performance even when you compare it with other investment opportunities that are available in the market. The combination of the stone’s greatest advantages as well as its price performance, you can say that pink diamonds indeed scream as a great source for investment purposes.

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How Many Pink Diamonds Exists Today?

When it comes to being the largest producer of natural pink diamonds, the Argyle mine in Australia tops it all wherein it averages an annual production rate of 8,000,000 carats. 1% out of the 8 million that were gathered are indeed graded as pink. There’s a lot of them that aren’t gem quality, and if they are indeed one, then the quality level of the stones is very low. But the thing that you should know about is that diamonds never lose their sparkle or color. The stones that have been mined about a century ago are still looking good or even better than those that have been found yesterday. There are no second-hand stones, and they surely have no shelf life. So this means that even though there are a large number of pink diamonds out there, most of them aren’t available as a purchasable item.

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Are Pink Diamonds Cheaper Than The White Ones?

Diamonds are usually valued depending on their price per carat, and that can also be changed depending on the stone’s certain characteristics. If a pink stone has been categorized as a rare one, but it’s got a low-quality level and weighs in at only 0.25 carats, then it may have a low per carat price than a 100 carat D flawless. But in general, especially if similar stones are being talked about, pink diamonds can be way more expensive than its white counterpart.

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