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Engagement rings, wedding bands, eternity rings and promise rings are more than a symbol of love for couples. They can express identity and should be able to tell a story.

I can create any kind of custom design you may request. You can bring forward an idea based on a design you like and I can create something genuinely unique and something yourself and your loved one can see as truly yours. And that is my promise.


When you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with a person, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. A custom made ring is the best way to express that.

The ultimate guide for your ring from Harry Georje Diamonds

Engagement Rings

If you plan on proposing, to the love of your life, then nothing quite seals the deal than an engagement ring. The tradition of an engagement ring is that the woman will start wearing it right after the time of the proposal. By having the engagement ring on the finger, this simply indicates that the woman is already taken and committed to a life-long relationship with her partner. However, this type of ring varies when it comes to the price and extravagance, but most of the time, it has a diamond or gemstone on top of the lovely band. An engagement ring is also worn on the third finger of the left hand.

To help you out, here are the different styles of engagement rings that you can consider for your woman:

Traditional & Elegant – This ring is classic and timeless since it simply shows the center diamond without having other kinds of distraction. Solitaires are known as rings that centers one diamond, are the most popular style for this category. A traditional solitaire is also available wherein it features a plain metal band. If you want more refinement or want to make sure that the center diamond is set low, then you can consider a basket or a trellis setting. For a more glamorous touch, you can add in a row of diamond accents on its band.
Stylish & Outgoing – If you think that your woman wants the ring to dazzle with glamor then you might consider a setting that holds the diamond higher or the one that has a sparkling set of diamonds being held on the band of the ring. Halo engagement rings can also be considered for this one since it is a traditional kind. Halo settings are the ones that add a circle of diamonds around the main diamond to provide more sparkle and highlight the centerpiece.
Outdoorsy & Nature Lover – If your significant other is more of an outdoor or nature girl then consider a diamond that has organic elements in its design such as vines, leaves, and flowers. A thin metal band that holds the diamond all the way around its girdle is also an excellent way to keep the diamond protected.

Romantic & Timeless – If your partner is more of the timeless and romantic type then the suitable engagement ring will be the one that features filigree or scrollwork patterns, mill grain details, dainty bands, or intricate galleries. You can also go for the authentic antique type of engagement ring if your partner is the unique kind of items from the past.

 Modern & Contemporary – Is your partner into the modern, fashion-forward style? If yes, then sculptural rings are the answer since this one experiment on the non-traditional forms. A bezel setting will be perfect since a thin metal band hugs the main, center diamond around its girdle.

Unsure – If you are a bit unsure or overwhelmed with your partner then you can consider something that shouts a temporary engagement setting. For this approach, women usually take part in the decision making, so this quickly means that you are not alone with your shopping. Obviously you can count on our advice and knowledge.
So decide on which engagement ring you think would fit your woman best. Just make sure to take your time with the decision since this will be the symbol that you plan on living with her for the rest of your life.

We can create or reproduce any kind of ring you may desire.. there is no limit to your imagination..

Promise Ring

A lot of people are familiar with engagement rings and wedding rings since these two are commonly used by couples who are sure about the future with their partner and wants to tie the knot with them. But how about a promise ring? This ring is a bit new for some people because only a few couple uses this one to express their love to their partner in a different manner.
A promise ring usually symbolises a commitment between two couples. This is usually the first token when couples are in a serious relationship that is also just in the developing process. An exchange of promise rings can also mean a joint commitment that is not always related to love. A promise ring can mean a lot of things which include:
–    I’m serious about you
–    I promise to always love you
–    I promise to be faithful
–    I promise to marry you at the right time
–    I promise to always be your friend
–    I promise to give up on drinking and/or smoking
Different Types of Promise Rings
Since promise rings have a different way of expressing someone’s feeling toward another person, it comes with several types to match the occasion. If you plan on buying your special someone a promise ring, then here are some of the varieties that you can consider:
1.    Pre-Engagement Rings – Even though that promise rings are commonly meant for special occasions, there are still some cases that they are given as a pre-engagement ring especially for couples who are so sure about marrying that one person. As time goes by, this ring will be replaced with the engagement ring and eventually, the wedding ring.
2.    Purity Promise Rings – For couples who promise to remain chaste or want to abstain from something then this is the ring that they share. Oftentimes, parents give this to their children as a type of ring for them to promise that they remain sexually pure until the time that they get married.
3.    Abstinence Rings – Apart from abstaining themselves from sex, promise rings can also be used as a symbol of promise for people to abstain themselves from bad habits such as drinking and smoking.
4.    Friendship Rings – For friends, promise rings are also applicable. It is a symbol that they will remain as friends for the rest of their lives. If there is friendship between a boy and a girl, this ring can also be used for them to promise one another that they remain as friends and not fall into a romantic affair with each other.
5.    Religious Rings – This form of promise ring is used by a group of religious followers that they remain loyal to their beliefs as well as the teachings of their religion on a day-to-day basis.
Overall, this type of ring can be used by both men and women depending on the kind of occasion that they plan on celebrating.

Wedding Rings

This is the ring that is exchanged by partners during their wedding ceremony after they exchanged vows. The bands of a ring for marriage are much simpler compared to engagement rings since it doesn’t represent a center diamond or a luxurious gemstone. Each partner receives their wedding band during the ceremony and then place it on each other’s fourth finger of the left hand. Since the engagement and wedding rings are put on the same hand and finger, the bride will have to move their engagement ring to the right hand during the ceremony and return it right after so that the rings will look cute being stacked on each other.

Mix it up – If both you and your partner have different tastes in the metal of the ring then avoid fretting it up. Just know that there is no rule saying that you have to choose the same metal or style for the ring. You can compromise and blend the two metals together in a stylistic fashion if need be.
Set a budget – Weddings can be a costly occasion, so it’s important that you set up a budget for each portion especially on the rings. These rings vary differently on the price depending on the style and type of the ring. Make sure that you always have a budget allotted for it so that you can only buy the best available for you and your significant other.
Keep your lifestyle in hand – There is no point in buying a wedding ring if it doesn’t feel comfortable with you or you have to remove it too often because it doesn’t suit your taste. Make sure you and your partner decide on the one that’s ideal since you will be wearing this ring for the rest of your lives.
Check the quality – You and your partner will be living with each other until the end of time so your wedding rings should be as well. Take the time to know about the quality of the metal and gemstone  being used to see if it can withstand time and won’t break several years later.

Size it right – Your wedding rings should fit well on each other’s fingers. To ensure that it won’t be too loose or too tight, schedule your final wedding ring fitting on the day when you’re calm, and your body temperature is normal.
Remember that finding the ideal wedding ring always takes time. Don’t rush the decision-making process because you won’t be removing the ring sooner or later.

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