Why Us

Our Process

At Harry Georje everything starts with sourcing the stones. Each stone no matter how small needs to fulfil a number of key criteria before it can be purchased, placed on a ring and sold. To me it’s all about Provenance, Quality and Value


The first criteria for me has to be provenance. To be perfectly honest the open market is full of fake, stolen and stones coming from conflict areas in Africa or sourced through exploitation. I only deal with legitimate and reputable suppliers who have been in business for many years.

I know them and they know me. With most of them I have such a close relationship that they wouldn’t deal with anybody else even if the individual is a member of my staff.


In addition to the provenance criteria all stones above a certain value need to be certified. In fact it is not enough that my suppliers are diamonds graders like myself. The stones must come with a GIA certification. In the case of the expensive diamonds a further test is required using the latest technology in a specialized lab.


Once the first two criteria are met the final test comes into play. At Harry Georje it is imperative that every stone, no matter how small, delivers outstanding value. It is not because we do not run an expensive retail operation that we can deliver value, it is because my network of suppliers are the closest to the initial source themselves. The time and final destination of each stone is key to these suppliers, and that is why there is no need for me to purchase the stone in advance. This approach based on trust enables me to pass down to the final client or investor, a diamond or a ring which has already an high intrinsic value from the moment it’s been purchased.

Thanks to this way of doing business we regularly supply small and big retail names in Australia and overseas as they know we can supply outstanding value.


All our diamonds are not only personally verified by Harry Georje, as a De Beers’ approved diamond grader, but also come with a full certification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and detailed report.