About us

One of the most beautiful things is that Harry Georje Diamonds is still a family business run by Harry with the help of his sons, Daniel and Paul, with the support of Nancy, Davide and few close associates that more than friends are often considered family.


Harry has been in the diamond industry for over 35 years.
But what makes him a Master Jeweller and a diamond specialist like no other? As a young apprentice and jeweller, he used to work on the bench for the like of Cartier, Tiffany and Bulgari, before going solo.
He is a certified diamond grader and long-standing member of GIA and GAA. He is a gemologist and certified diamond valuer. He is a signatory of the Kimberly Process to protect the industry from blood diamonds or diamonds coming from conflict zones. He is a voting member at the Australian Diamond Council, member of the Fancy Color Research Foundation and most recently, Head of Investment at Forevercorp Investment Management, the world first international diamond fund.
What is special about us is that for anything from engagement ring or an investment-grade diamond, at Harry Georje Diamonds, you deal with Harry directly.


Davide comes from a well-known Italian family of art dealers and collectors. Educated in Italy, France and England, he has been working in business consulting for over 20 years in London, Dubai, Taipei and Sydney. Davide is the acting CFO of the company. He is a strong believer of investment-grade diamonds as both store of value and great long-term investment. He endlessly promotes the advantages of purchasing privately from Harry Georje Diamonds for its warm and genuine customer service and the quality and value of the diamonds offered to clients.


Daniel is the oldest son of Harry and had a long-lasting love affair with vintage cars, design and engineering. Daniel is a self-taught artist and his sketches of cars and jewellery have been very much in demand since he was a teenager. He works closely with his father for the design of the most intricate piece of jewellery and he is under constant training to match his father knowledge of diamonds and precious gemstones. Daniel is also very much hands-on and runs the operational side of the business.


Paul is the youngest son of Harry and his father’s only apprentice. Paul is also a movie buff and a martial art athlete. He works on the bench and he is training to be a master jeweller like his father. He goes around town on behalf of the business and you wouldn’t know if he is picking up coffee for the team or diamonds in and out of the vault.