Learn More About Black Diamonds

If there’s one thing that individuals love about diamonds and it’s because of how it sparkles. There’s no denying that almost everyone is attracted to the bright white lights that radiate from every diamond jewelry they come across with. If you’ve been doing some shopping on diamonds recently then it may shock you that there is a new trend in the system and that is Black Diamonds.

Even though that black diamonds don’t sparkle like the way the white ones does, it can still provide a stunning contrast in all sorts of jewelry. This colored stone can either enhance or denounce your outfit thus making it even more versatile. When it is paired with white diamonds, the black ones will provide elegance on the white stone pieces while lowering its cost. As their popularity continues to rise, you will see a wide variety of options for these unique and stunning diamonds.

A Brief History Of Black Diamonds

Several years ago, the naturally black colored diamonds were held in low regard whereas today, they are now prized as “fancy blacks.” According to the book “Diamond: A Descriptive Treatise” written by J.R. Sutton in 1928, he said that an ordinary black diamond is not that great, unlike the black sealing wax. The opinions of one another differ as to its virtues of being a gemstone. Up to this day, there are only a few known black diamonds that exists such as the Black Orloff, aka the Eye of Brahman, which is a 67.50 carat stone that was famous for getting stolen from an idol in India way back in the 1800s. This diamond, however, was known to be cursed wherein several individuals who owned the stone has committed suicide. So in order to break the hex that was believed to be in the stone, it was ultimately cut.

It was only until the 20th century when consumers had some interest in black diamonds especially when designers started using them in their jewelry especially in contrasting them with small colorless diamonds in a pave setting.

Are Black Diamonds Real?

Apart from black diamonds, there are also those that are called Natural Fancy Black Diamonds. Those 2 types are real, but the only difference is that the color in the first group is not a natural one but was rather formed as a result of heating treatments. Natural Fancy Black Diamonds are the ones found in the rough which still retains its black color even when they are bought. With that, the real value and appeal found in black diamonds are all because of its rare and unique color.

Are they expensive?

If you are planning to buy natural black diamonds, then you should know beforehand that they are affordable, but its size will be a big determinant of its value. Heated black diamonds are not that expensive, but its demand is quite low since a majority of the consumers would always want the real thing. Generally, the price for heated black diamonds would only cost $300 per carat, but if you’re looking for the fancy kind, then it will be in the range of $3,000 to $5,000 per carat.

How Are Black Diamonds Made?

Colored diamonds usually come in different color intensities wherein they range from Faint to Fancy Deep/Dark. These colored diamonds usually get their colors due to geological impurities such as hydrogen, nitrogen, and boron. Black diamonds, on the other hand, owes their color to the inclusion of graphite with some random clusters all over the diamond. Over the years, black diamond has gained more popularity because a lot of celebrities have started the trend of wearing them in their jewelry.

What Are The Names Of Famous Black Diamonds?

In all of history, the most famous black diamond is the Black Orlov, wherein it weighs in at 67.50 carats and is a cushion-cut diamond brooch. It has a total of 108 white diamonds surrounding it and is suspended from a 124-diamond necklace.

According to legend, the Black Orlov, aka “Eye of Brahma,” used to be an uncut black stone that weighs in at 195 carats and is taken out from the eye of the statue of the sacred Hindu God Brahma which resides in a temple in Southern India. Most of the story seems like it was taken from another legendary stone known as the Hope Diamond. As for the other famous black diamonds, these are the Table of Islam, the Gruosi Diamond, the Korloff Noir, the Spirit of Grisogono diamond, and the Black Star of Africa.

The Black Gruosi Diamond

Has a heart-shaped cut and weighs in at 115.34 carats. It was discovered in India back in 1998, and it was then cut by the world famous black diamond cutter named de Grisogono.

The Black Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond

Has an old Moghul cut and weighs in at 312.24 carats. This is known as the largest black diamond in the world, and it was unearthed from a mine in the Central African Republic. Further details about this black diamond remain unknown.

The Table of Islam

Is a Fancy Black Diamond that has a square emerald cut. It weighs in at 160.18 carats, and only little details are known about this stone.

The Korloff Noir Black Diamond

Weighs in at 88 carats and is located together with the Korloff jewelers in France and is believed to provide good luck to its owner.

The Black Star of Africa

Weighs in at a massive 202 carats and is categorized as a Fancy Black Diamond. It was last seen in Tokyo in the year 1971.

Can You Make An Investment Out Of Black Diamonds?

Generally, the prime diamond colors that are ideal for investment are the colors red, pink, and blue. If you invest in diamonds, its value will increase over time as their supply diminishes and their demand continues also to rise. In this case, a black diamond will only be considered a good investment if the stone itself is considerably large or has a distinctive factor that will give it a high demand in the market.