What Are Blue Diamonds?

In order for a diamond to be deemed as a real blue, it must be found in nature and that it hails this hue. A blue diamond that has been enhanced and treated with heat or chemicals is merely a white diamond at its core. With that in mind, it is important that you only buy a blue diamond if it’s GIA certified or that it will be issued at the moment that it will be purchased. The reason why these certificates are so important is that it will indicate the color origin of the stone (Treated or Natural) and will even specify the exact color of the diamond. If the blue diamond is indeed a real one, then it will be stated in the certificate somewhere in the origin where it says “natural.”

Blue Diamond

You should also know that there are a variety of shades that comes with the blue color in diamonds. There may be some that boasts a pure hue while some may have some undertones or gray, green, or violet. In addition to that, the intensity of the blue color may range from light to vivid. When it comes to the pricing, a slight change in the color can mean a whole lot.

How are Blue Diamonds Made?

When it comes to blue diamonds or the colored ones in general, it comes in two different kinds which are natural blue diamonds and treated blue diamonds.

It’s a remarkable view to see that these blue diamonds can be found in mines boasting its beautiful tone, but the truth is that nature is the one responsible for the stone’s gorgeous hue. So, if you are wondering about the appearance of the natural blue diamonds, what is the one that causes its color? It’s because of the amount of boron in the stone to absorb a red light thus causing it to become blue. To be more specific, this diamond gets its hue when there is boron during the formation of the diamond, and there is only low nitrogen content. The boron content in a blue diamond is also the one that distinguishes the difference between the natural and the artificial stone because of its ability to conduct electricity.

As for the color-enhanced diamonds, these stones are usually colorless when found in nature and then it will be added some color with the use of artificial treatments such as using irradiation and changing the atomic structure of its crystal lattice which will eventually change its all over appearance.

blue diamond ring

Where Do Blue Diamonds Come From?

There are only a limited number of mines where blue diamonds can be found. The majority of it comes from Rio Tinto’s Argyle Mine located in Australia and the Petra Diamond’s Cullinan mine located near Pretoria, South Africa. Also, there are small amounts of blue diamonds that have been mined in the Golconda mine in India.

Over the years, there are a record number of blue diamonds that have been found in its rough state and each one of it broke records upon selling it. The 29.6 carat blue diamond has been sold for $25.6 Million Dollars wherein each carat costing almost a million dollar in its rough state.

blue diamond

Some of the Famous Blue Diamonds from All Over the World

If you want to see how these blue diamonds turn out and know some of the famous ones,
then check out this list.

The Hope Diamond

This is a deep blue colored diamond that weighs at 45.52 carats and is currently held at the Smithsonian Institute. According to history, the French Explorer known as Tavernier brought the diamond back during his sixth voyage to India from the Golconde mines and sold it to Louis XIV in 1669.

The Tereschenko AKA The Mouawad Blue

This diamond is a fancy blue stone that weighs at 42.92 carats and is shaped like a pear. It came from the Kollur alluvial deposits in India around 1913 but its exact origin is still unknown up to this day.

The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond

This amazing piece of colored stone originally weighs at 35.56 carats and is distinguished as a Fancy Deep Grayish Blue VS2 clarity diamond. It was shown publicly at around 1722 during the marriage of Maria Amalia to Charles of Bavaria in Munich. It was first mounted on the chain of the Golden Fleece Order of the Bavarian in 1745. In 1806, Maximilian Josef of Wittelsbach became the first King of Bavaria and set the famous blue diamond of his family in the Bavarian Royal Crown.

The Blue Lili

The Blue Lili diamond weighs at 30.06 carats and hails a tapered cushion shape. It was cut by the William Goldberg Corporation and was named after the wife of Goldberg, Lili. Up to this day, the actual history, color, and clarity of this diamond remain unknown.