What Are Brown Diamonds

Brown diamonds belongs to the group of the more affordable fancy color diamonds because there are lots of its kind that is available on the market. It is also referred to as chocolate, cognac, and champagne diamond. Of all the names that were mentioned, it has been commonly called as Chocolate Diamonds and is a marketing phrase that is commonly coined by the famous jewelry manufacturer Le Vian. Because of its association with chocolate and the fancy color, a lot of customers are attracted by it.

In the 1980s, Australian miners are shipping millions of their tiny brown stones to India, and then workers cut them into melee-sized gems. These brown stones will eventually find their way into the market filled with popular-priced jewelry. They certainly made jewelry purchasing more affordable than it used to.

Just like the other colored diamonds, it also comes with natural and color-treated varieties. And as always, the natural ones will always be more expensive than the color-treated kind.

Are Brown Diamonds Real?

In the world of diamonds, it always comes with a variety of colors apart from the common, colorless kind. Brown is one of those colors and is also graded based on its intensity. As the color of the natural diamond becomes more vivid and purer, it becomes a more valuable piece.

What Is The Price Range For Brown Diamonds?

If you are asking yourself if brown diamonds are expensive, well, they are, but the prices may vary depending on the variety. Even though that diamonds are known to be one of the most affordable, their prices can still reach up high in staggering numbers. Their prices may depend on the intensity and hue of the color as well as on its color, size, cut, and clarity level. A large, low-quality diamond can be cheaper compared to a small flawless one. This means that each diamond should be looked at and considered based on the individual specifications that were mentioned on the product.

Are Brown Diamonds Rare?

There’s no doubt that colored diamonds are a rare kind. The reason for this is that colored diamonds can only be found in a small quantity compared to all of the other diamonds in the world. However, brown diamonds belong to the bigger part of the colored diamonds that were found thus making it a common one and probably a less expensive variety. Having said that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can buy brown diamonds in a single purchase unless you’re a multi-millionaire of course. But you can definitely afford a brown diamond especially if you’re on a tight budget and would want to buy a diamond that is colored. Just keep in mind that as the intensity of a colored diamond lowers, it becomes more affordable than a high-quality colorless stone.

What Makes A Diamond Brown?

Diamonds consists of compound elements as well as impurities wherein it can have some effects on the stone’s appearance. In yellow diamonds, there is impurity of the element nitrogen within it which causes the change in color. The same thing goes for brown diamonds wherein nitrogen is also the element that is responsible for the color change. Apart from that, the unique color of the light that was absorbed through the natural defects in its crystal lattice is also responsible for the brownish appearance.

Where Are Brown Diamonds Commonly Mined?

Brown diamonds aren’t hard to find which is why they can be mined from all around the world wherein it includes the popular Argyle mine in Australia and South Africa. The Argyle mine is probably the place where a large quantity of brown diamonds are found, and despite its dull color, they always come up with an ingenious marketing tactic that makes these stones a must have. The mine also dubs the brown diamonds as a “champagne diamond,” which automatically gives it that desirable and classy image. This tactic worked like a charm since it is now seen as a romantic color stone that is somewhat similar to the colors of our well-known foods and drinks.

Do Brown Diamonds Look Good In Jewelry Pieces?

There is no doubt that brown diamonds should be set in a jewelry. It would be depressing not to see brown diamonds in an elegant setting because of how beautiful it truly is. Owning and wearing a jewelry is a nice way of keeping an eye on your beloved stone and is also a great way to be proud of your beloved investment. Having a platinum or gold setting will add value to the piece and will make the brown diamond look even more impressive. The champagne diamond also contrasts well with some colorless diamonds. This makes the 3 stone ring or a pave set champagne diamond ring a great way to provide some attention to your piece.

Brown Diamond Treatments

There are times that brown diamonds are treated, but this process is usually done to convert the diamond into other colors. For this instance, natural brown diamonds have the lattice imperfections to thank for its color. However, high-pressure, high-temperature treatments are also used to turn a lot of brown diamonds into attractive colors such as yellow or in some cases, just a colorless one. Even though that the changes in color make those diamonds more valuable than brown, it also makes them less valuable than natural, untreated diamonds that are also of the same quality and color.

Even though that brown diamonds may not be that bright like canary diamonds or as feminine as the pink stones, they still have a lot to offer and can also come in an attractive price range. Whether it may be a delicate light brown diamond or a deep chocolate colored diamond, these brown stones can be perfect for any type of personality and even skin tones. They are a head turner as a pendant necklace, studs, and above all, a stunning diamond engagement ring. So it is important that you research well before you make a purchase, and eventually enjoy it once you’ve finally decided to add it to your precious collection.