What Are Yellow Diamonds?

Of all the colored diamonds in the market today, the yellow diamond has the highest market demand. It has become one of the biggest and well-sought out fashion trends of this decade. A lot of celebrities and huge personalities are wearing yellow diamond jewelry as part of their fashion which is why its popularity continued to soar ever since. Apart from that, the stone’s rarity and unique characteristics are one of the reasons why it becomes highly desired by many.

Because of its increasing popularity, a lot of individuals are now having some questions about the yellow diamond.

A Brief Description of Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds belong to the many colored varieties of diamonds. In fact, a lot of people are unaware that apart from the white one, diamonds can come in many other beautiful colors as well. It’s interesting to know that most of the diamonds that are found at the bottom level of the colorless grading scale may have some traces of the color yellow. As for the yellow diamond category, the ones that belong to the bottom level have faint colors and the desirable ones have an intense yellow color. The colorless grading scale for diamonds ranges from D to Z, and the grading for the yellow ones ranges from Y to Z. After that, it goes all the way to the Dark Yellow/Fancy Deep grade.

Yellow Diamond

How Are Yellow Diamonds Made?

Just like the other natural diamonds, the yellow stones are formed for millions of years. The reason for the diamond’s yellowish color is because of the presence of Nitrogen within the stone’s compound element. Diamonds are usually formed under immense pressure and in extremely high temperatures way below the earth’s surface. Once it has been extracted, a licensed diamond polisher with a full understanding of the stone’s complexity will make a beauty out of its roughness just like what we see in jewelry stores.

Yellow Diamonds

Where are Yellow Diamonds Mined?

Yellow diamonds, just like its other colored counterparts, can only be found less than one thousandth of the time compared to the regular white diamond. This means that only 0.0001% of the diamonds being mined have fancy colors. The yellow diamonds belong to the commonly mined colored variety in that small percentage. There are lots of mines from all over the world that contains yellow diamonds but the most known countries where they can be found are Central Africa, Australia, Borneo, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Brazil, and Sierra Leone.

Yellow Diamond Earrings

List of Famous Diamonds from All Over The World

When you take a look at some of the most famous diamonds, you will immediately notice that almost of them have fancy colors in them. And if you drill even deeper into the earth’s surface, you will see that majority of the colored diamonds are in yellow. So if you are looking to buy some of the best yellow diamonds in the world, then this list is something to get you started with your hunt.

The Incomparable Diamond

This was first found in the Democratic Republic of Congo in a town known as Mbuji Mayi. The rough version of this variety weighs at about 890 carats.

The Tiffany Diamond

For movie enthusiasts, Breakfast at Tiffany’s was well-known to be a timeless classic. In this movie, Aubrey Hepburn is wearing a magnificent piece of jewelry known as Bird on a Rock wherein it mounts the famous Tiffany Diamond. Some say that this piece of diamond gained even more recognition because of the movie.

Shepard Diamond

This piece of fancy colored stone is a huge 18.30 carat cushion cut of an intense yellow diamond. The reason why the story for this piece is a special one is that of the way how it was found at the Smithsonian right next to the other famous diamonds.

Allnat Diamond

Even though it may not be the most famous one in the bunch, the Allnat Diamond still belongs to the most amazing colored diamonds you’ll ever see. It may be a bit hard to believe, but it’s actually a 101.29 carat Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond that has a VS2 Clarity.

Kahn Canary Diamond

There are times when you need pure luck in life. This diamond was discovered by an Arkansas resident by the name of George Stepp during 1977 in the “Crater of Diamonds state park.” This is a unique park that resides in the Pike province Arkansas wherein every man has the right to keep the diamond that he finds there. Stepp was able to sell the diamond for an unknown amount to a jeweler called Stan Kahn, who eventually named the rare piece of diamond under his name.

Donnersmarck Diamond

This is two totally different diamonds wherein one is an 82.48 carats pear-shaped yellow diamond while the other one is a 102.54 carats yellow cushion cut. If combined, it forms more than 185 carats and it transforms into a magnificent pendant that hasn’t gotten separated ever since.