the-argyle-diamond-mineThe famed Argyle Diamond Mine is located in Western Australia’s remote East Kimberley region. This mine is well-known to produce an estimate of 0.1% of the diamond supply in the world and around 90% of the world’s rare pink diamonds. It also produces champagne, pink, and white diamonds plus some other rare colors as well. This mine has been considered to be a wonder because of its success and high production rate of diamonds for around 30 years already. As a result, the mine has made itself famous and its products, namely their signature stone, the Argyle Pink Diamond. This is the reason why a lot of diamond collectors and investors are following this mine closely when it comes to acquiring their supply.

It was in 1979 when a group of geologists who were exploring the rugged Kimberley region in Australia stumbled upon a diamond. This discovery led to the founding of Rio-Tinto’s Argyle Mine in 1983. Experts are convinced that there are still lots of diamonds in that area that are waiting to be found. Since then, a lot of diamonds have been unearthed from that mine. It also became as one of the most technologically advanced mines in the entire world. Even though those other regions such as Brazil and Africa also reported to have found colored diamonds, it’s the Argyle Mines that continues to produce a consistent and reliable supply of diamonds in the entire world. In fact, the Argyle Diamond Mine is known to be the world’s biggest supplier of natural and brown diamonds.

The Argyle Pink Diamonds are famous for being one of the most concentrated forms of wealth in the world and can be a good investment opportunity for its owner compared to the traditional form of investments such as bonds, stocks, and precious metals. Apart from the rare pink diamonds being produced in the Argyle mine, it can also range from Red to Pink to Purplish Pink to Pink to Pink Rose to Pink Champagne to Violet and many other exclusive shades of color.

The Argyle Mineinside-the-argyle-mine

The mine is located 2,500km from the Australian City of Perth, Western Australia’s capital. It started its operations in 1985, and it created an impact in the world of diamonds especially on the production of the pink ones. An approximate of 20 million carats worth of diamonds are being produced on a yearly basis at this mine, but only less than 0.1% of t
hose diamonds have the pink color.

Back in 2009, it was estimated that the mine has only 10 more years to go in its lifespan and even Argyle has confirmed this claim in their own publications. So this means that the production of diamonds would only last until 2019. Once the Argyle mine stops its operations, there will never be another mine that could replicate these unique properties ever again.

The Argyle Mine is being controlled by Rio-Tinto, the 3rd world’s largest mining company. They are able to produce an approximate of 35 million carats of rough diamonds each year, but 5% of them are considered to be of gem quality. In addition, it was accounted that less than 2% of all the colored stones that are mined have been certified as pink diamonds. The Argyle diamonds are famous for showing off fantastic colors and retain an unbelievable value. In fact, the diamonds they produce here can sometimes be valued almost twice the amount of the same beautiful pink diamond that is mined somewhere else.

Argyle put in a lot of work into making their pink diamond unit a brand because of how they were able to foresee the kind of potential these stones have. They were able to come up with their own grading system and after assessing the diamonds, they took note of the clarity grade and color in their own Argyle Certificate.

In addition to that, the Argyle mine uses a laser to inscribe the diamonds that are sold through their business unit so that they can easily verify the authenticity of the stone. There’s no doubt why a lot of investors and collectors always prefer the Argyle stone’s beauty and ability to retain value. Since the mine was projected to close down by 2018, there is a high demand on their diamonds which will then benefit investors in the future.

The Argyle Pink Color Diamond

For those who are into fancy color diamonds, one of the aspects they love about these stones is the unique colors that come with it. The reason why these diamonds come with such unique colors is that of the impurities of certain elements within the compound structure. It is believed that the immense pressure that happens in the stones beneath the earth’s surface for a significant amount of time is the reason why it was able to display such colors. The pressure then brings the stones closer to the surface which in return, alters its structure, makes them refract light and produces the color. Even though it might be rare, violet and blue diamonds are sometimes found in the Argyle mine. It has been theorized that the violet diamonds receive their color in the same way except that some additional elements alter their color even more. The color of a diamond is one of the 4Cs wherein it applies even to colorless diamonds. The rarity and intensity of a diamond’s color can have a huge impact when it comes to its value.

Of all the Argyle gems, the most famous one is the Pink Jubilee wherein it is known as the largest rough pink diamond that has been discovered in Australia. When it was found in its rough state, it weighed in at 12.76 carats and after the diamond has been recut and polished, it still weighs at a notable 8.01 carats. That alone is the reason why the Argyle Mine became most sought out mine in the entire world.

brown-diamondThe Argyle Brown and Champagne Diamonds

Apart from the Argyle mine being famous for its production of pink diamonds, it is also known to be a major supplier of the brown diamonds and in particular, the undeniably elegant champagne-colored diamonds. The champagne color diamonds have continued to increase its popularity during the recent years. In fact, 80% of the diamonds being mined in Argyle have a brown color.

According to Diamond Investing News, Rio-Tinto announced that brown diamonds suddenly became a hot commodity amongst diamond enthusiasts and investors. The reason for this is that when the mine shuts down, the diamonds will become scarce on the market, thus making it be sought after by many.

The Argyle Tender

This is an exclusive and posh event by Argyle mines where it highlights some of the most exceptional Argyle Pink Diamonds that have been found each year. It is an event where only a few are invited and presents them with an opportunity to bid on 40 to 70 signature diamonds that are not available to the public.

Even before the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender started, the diamonds that were offered are already branded as extremely valuable items. In the early 1980s, Laurence Graff, a London Jeweler, bought all the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender Collection. Graff then used the entire collection to start a contemporary version of the 18th century Tremblant flower. After just a few hours that the piece was completed, it was immediately sold to one of the most famous diamond collectors, the Sultan of Brunei. Leibish & Co. is one of the few attendees that got an invitation from tender and they dominated their appearance by winning 17 tender diamonds in 2012, 6 tender diamonds in 2011, 6 in 2010, and 1 in 2009.

argyle-pink-diamondsMaking an investment in Argyle Pink Diamonds

A lot of investors nowadays turn to Various Fancy Color Diamonds, Argyle Pink Diamonds, in particular, to invest their money. Due to the rarity, beauty, and impending extinction, the value of these stones never stops from rising.

The Argyle Pink Diamond has been labeled as “the most concentrated form of wealth on earth. Josephine Archer even said that the rarity is the reason why the prices continue to rise for the Argyle Pink Diamonds. When one of Argyle Diamond Mine’s chief engineers, Rebecca Pickering, was asked about the stone’s rarity, she replied that 1% of their total production is pink diamonds. Through this statement alone, you can see why the Argyle Pink Diamonds are highly desired by many despite its high value.

There’s no denying that the Argyle mine is probably the largest source of pink diamonds that the world will ever see even though that there are so many pink diamonds that are yet to be found. The Pink Argyle Diamonds’ rarity makes it a hot commodity that continues to increase its popularity amongst diamond enthusiasts, investors, and even celebrities. Regardless of the fact that the Argyle diamonds will close down in the next few years, one thing is certain: The Argyle mine became more than just a diamond mine but rather, a diamond empire that will surely be remembered for eternity.